Monday, July 22, 2013

11 Rules for Managing Subconsultants

1. Clearly define tasks assigned to subconsultants in a formal letter of authorization, subcontract, or other communication sent to the subconsultant.

2. Redefine tasks for subconsultants by issuing a supplement to the original letter or contract.

3. List all QA/QC requirements that are applicable to the assigned tasks through a letter or authorization.

4. Provide subconsultants with design information necessary to perform their assigned tasks.

5. Provide information about all applicable regulatory requirements, design bases and parameters, and other appropriate design requirements.

6. Identify for the subconsultants any records to be prepared, maintained, submitted, or made available for review, such as reports, drawings, specifications, and procedures.

7. Provide subconsultants with copies of project schedules, including milestone dates and QA/QC review dates.

8. Require subconsultant and his or her staff to perform some of their services in your firm's offices, especially where coordination between disciplines and staff is complex, so the QA requirements can be more readily maintained.

9. Review the scope of work specified and coordinate the establishment of QA requirements in consultation with QA team members.

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