Friday, May 22, 2015

Will you be at Inbound 2015?

Every year Hubspot hosts a conference called Inbound related to inbound marketing; a marketing strategy that hasn't hit the A/E/C field yet. They have 100's of the best speakers in the marketing from various industries come each year and give everyone the low-down on what they need to know to market your firm more effectively.

Who Should You Go See
Seth Godin - He was the keynote in 2013 and is again in 2015. He not only talks about the technical side of marketing, he brings it to the level that many people forget; marketing is meant to have you connect with other customers, and your goal is to make your customers happy.

This resonates perfectly in the A/E/C industry. Every firm needs to be delighting their customers so that they can get more new work through positive reviews and the ability to do positive case studies on your customers. You can then use these to showcase that your firm as one that delights people and cares about their clients. By doing simple things like taking the time to reach out as the project goes on or following up on how the customer likes the design or project you did for them, and making yourself seem human to them, will go a long way for customer satisfaction. Even if it isn't by phone or email is only takes a second to reach out to a client on Twitter or Facebook and if you did a great job satisfying them, it shouldn't be a problem getting them to vouch for you.

Seth Godin did a great job getting this message across in 2013 and I'm sure he will do it again, as well as give us some other great ideas and strategies to improve our ability to make clients lives better.

Mike Volpe - Mike Volpe is the CMO at Hubspot and always delivers great content on things you should be doing for marketing in his sessions. He does a great job explaining his ideas and he makes it seem very easy to implement everything he recommends.

He had a session on analytics two years ago and it delivered great advice that we could use right away, We made huge improvements in know what we should be looking at in our analytics and how to report and track them. He gave simple metrics and made it easy to attribute numbers to different parts of the reports.

Alexis Ohanian - He is a co-founder of Reddit, and I think a lot of people can learn from Reddit and how they got so popular. Reddit was able to provide people with what they want and that's why they keep going back.

I have never seen Alexis speak but anyone who was as successful as he is in viral marketing is worth listening to and can potentially give you some great ideas on satisfying your customers and making it so that website is something your clients want to keep coming back to.

Inbound this year will be in Boston. Sept 8-11, 2015
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