Monday, July 29, 2013

10 Things Every Project Manager Must Know

A few months ago, during college graduation season, Millennial blogger and Huffington Post editor, Danny Rubin, created a list of 25 Things Every Young Professional Should Know by Age 25.

At least ten of Rubin’s items are immediately applicable to A/E project managers of all ages. Here they are:

1. An Excel PivotTable will change your life.

2. Multi-tasking is great, but some moments require your undivided attention.

3. Take LinkedIn seriously.

4. You're never too busy to write a thank-you note.

5. Don't step into an interview room without research on the company and questions for the employer.

6. Dropbox. Learn it and love it.

7. Treat interns with respect. They'll provide you with management training and ease your workload.

8. To impress older business associates, ask about their own career path. You may also learn a thing or two.

9. Under-promise. Over-deliver.

10. The less you write, the tighter the message. The less you talk, the stronger the speech.

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