Monday, October 24, 2011

Stop Being Too Busy to Market! How to gain more exposure for yourself and your firm

We work in a unique industry – selling services is completely different from selling products. When consumers buy products, they consider the reputation of the manufacturer, but, most likely, have no knowledge of the individuals who are employed by that company.

Yet, when a client commissions us for professional services, our firm’s reputation gets us to the short-list, and the personalities and the reputations of our people win us the work.

Unlike products that can be sampled before purchasing, services cannot be tested, leaving clients to imagine what it would be like to work with the person/firm who delivers the service. This is where you come in!

Sooner or later, all professionals must market, if you want to advance your careers – there is no such thing as being too busy serving one client to market to another. Here are some ways you can gain exposure for your firm and promote the success of your own career:

- Write an article and get it placed in a local media outlet
- Speak at your local business association, chamber of commerce, or networking meeting
- Create a client-oriented monthly e-newsletter or webinar series
- Hold seminars and workshops for clients in your office (i.e. lunch-and-learns)
- Create a client-resource web site
- Get involved in social networking: create a blog or Facebook page for your firm to share firm information and news with clients
- E-mail relevant news and information to clients
- Collect and harness the power of client testimonials

Just remember that lack of time is not a valid reason to pass on career and business development activities. The small things you can do every day will yield positive results, if you make the time investment to do them well.

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