Thursday, August 14, 2014

Are You on the Brink of a Bad Turnover?

According to PSMJ research, at least in design firms, people don’t leave because of money—only about 20% cite wages as a reason for leaving and about half that give “workplace conflict” as their reason for quitting. The biggest cause? Insufficient recognition coupled with limited advancement opportunities.

To ascertain your level of vulnerability to bad turnover, take the following short quiz. It will increase your awareness of the factors that can erode employee satisfaction and lead to bad turnover.

  • Are you in a competitive labor market with lots of new job opportunities?
  • Does your firm have a strong orientation program for new hires?
  • Do you have a good mentoring program?
  • Do you have good hiring practices that ensure you hire the right people for the right job?
  • Do your employees believe they are effective in their jobs?
  • Do employees believe they are wanted or needed by the firm?
  • Do your employees see a clear career path and understand how to move ahead in the firm? Is the path to principal clearly understood?
  • Is compensation data readily available to all staff so comparisons can be easily made?
  • Are your employees dissatisfied with their pay?
  • Is your fringe benefits program competitive?
  • Do employees believe there is strong communication between employees and principals?
  • Do your employees respect the management skills of their supervisors?
  • Do employees believe they are being taken advantage of or exploited?
  • Are employees given the training and resources to complete assignments successfully?
  • Do you conduct regular, fair, and timely performance appraisals?
  • Do employees believe they are not being informed of what is going on in the firm?
  • Do employees perceive that management does not have a plan for the future?
  • Are employees asked to act in a manner they believe is unethical?

Now talk with your staff about the important issues the quiz raises.

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