Thursday, February 27, 2014

8 Links That Will Make You a Better HR Professional

Canvassing the HR blogosphere—especially as it relates to the A/E/C industry--can be like searching for a freebie in a change order. The landscape is filled with futile attempts, but out of the fog arises a cluster of stalwarts.
  •  Workforce, with its index of more than 150,000 seminars and articles from Workforce magazine, is a veritable mine of HR information. 
  • HR Hero: This blog collection—all from different authors—takes on topics related to employment law.
  • WeFollow on Twitter: Tag yourself under #humanresources on Twitter to align yourself with the thousands of followers who identify themselves as part of the human resources community on Twitter.  Tweet about your day, ask a question, or make new friends.
  •  Human Resources Professionals Worldwide on LinkedIn: Often overshadowed by the much larger human resources group Linked:HR, Human Resources Professionals Worldwide on LinkedIn is a smaller community that allows more directed conversations limited to HR topics by HR professionals.
  • WorldatWork: Including articles from WorldatWork Journal and News publications, this website also has extensive information on benefits and compensation.
  • Evil HR Lady: Using real-life examples, the Evil HR Lady posts blogs with her thoughts on HR issues, answers questions, and gives advice.  The “Dear Abby” of HR.
  • Six Degrees from Dave: Authored by Dave Mendoza, known for his expertise in social networking, recruitment, and branding, this blog highlights staffing practices and HR industry leaders
  • The HR Daily Advisor: Think “Word a Day” but for HR—here, you’ll get free daily updates, news, advice, and tips on everything related to HR.
Is there a website that you can’t live without?  Let us know! 

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