Monday, December 17, 2012

Traits NOT Essential to Leadership

You may think you know what leadership looks like. Well, you may be surprised. Here's a list of traits not required for project leadership.
• Herculean work effort. Those who work long hours are often praised as loyal leaders who establish a "standard" to emulate. But a person's effectiveness is the real measure of a true leader. There is a difference between effectiveness and "being busy."
• Technical capability. Controlling the technical direction of the project is certainly important, but this does not equate to strong leadership. How often have members of the firm been elevated to a position of leadership based on technical proficiency alone?
• Intimidation. As a management style, intimidation leads only to short-lived success. It also drives away followers, and every leader needs followers in order to succeed.
• Reporting status to clients. This is an important role, but not a leadership role. A leader will go a step further and maintain a rapport with the client.
• Keeping record of who is responsible. A leader will never make excuses like "The contractor didn't understand the job," or "Principals kept charging to the job." A good leader takes responsibility for the project's success or failure.

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