Monday, September 24, 2012

PSMJ Tips: Branch Managers - Mini CEOs

When a firm begins the transition from one leadership generation to another, the most important decision is deciding who will be the next CEO. A logical choice is a branch manager. These individuals are likely CEO candidates because they have been serving in such a position on a regional basis.

Successful branch office managers are good candidates because they:

• Operate the branch office as a profitable entity. They’re experienced in profit accountability, since they must demonstrate and achieve financial viability as a branch. 

• Manage all office costs. They have to consider the impact of all costs—profit as well as overhead—on operations. 

• Promote market awareness. They must know demand and need for the branch’s services. They must also be aware of the issues that concern clients. 

• Keep up-to-date on human resource issues. They often serve as personnel manager as well as “head” of the branch. 

• Understand what it takes to be a successful branch operation. Therefore, they’re able to evaluate branch office manager candidate’s credentials and potential for success.

A firm’s growth is often tied to its ability to successfully establish additional offices. Successful branch office managers have proven they can already do this. When you begin looking for a CEO successor, look beyond headquarters to branch offices where office managers are handling the “mini CEO” role.

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