Tuesday, August 21, 2012

PSMJ Tips: The Best Marketers: Powerhouse PMs

Project managers are the leaders on the front line, and are often the best, most effective marketers. By fostering strong relationships with existing clients, and knowing how to creatively “talk shop,” you can generate work from repeat customers, and often learn about new opportunities (before they become public knowledge).

Included in his list of 21 Traits of Powerhouse PMs, Frank Stasiowski, FAIA, outlines five attributes that successful managers must possess in order to also be successful marketers. They are:

• Believe each client is a friend, and the project is a stop along the way in that long-term relationship. These Powerhouse PMs send cards for clients’ anniversaries and their kids’ graduations.

• Possess curiosity about the details of your clients’ business. This goes beyond the call of duty. Powerhouse PMs want to know what it takes to get the client to move ahead. They learn the clients’ business, their needs, and goals. This is all part of building that long-term friendship.

• Work hard to make clients look good. A project manager’s job is to lead the client through the maze of project changes. The project manager who can do this by giving the client credit for successes, involving the client in decisions, and keeping up strong communication with the client, will win both herself and the firm a friend for life.

• Synthesize new work. This means that great project managers create work out of nothing. An average PM may bring in work through a public listing. A powerhouse PM is always looking for new work and opportunities for the firm in everything he does, and everywhere he goes.

• Bring opportunities to their clients. Clients don’t forget a project manager who has facilitated a partnering arrangement with another firm or put together financing opportunities.

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