Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Winners of 2012 Best A/E/C Employer Award Named in San Francisco

PSMJ Resources, Inc. (PSMJ) and The Employee Engagement Group (EEG) recently named five U.S. engineering firms as winners of the 2012 Best A/E/C Employer Award at the 3rd Annual A/E/C Industry HR Summit held in San Francisco, California.

The Best A/E/C Employer Award is awarded to firms that demonstrate that their employees are not just satisfied, but truly engaged and willing to put in discretionary effort on behalf of their firm. Best A/E/C Employer Award winners not only have highly engaged employees, but they keep their employees engaged by providing them with the kinds of professional career opportunities that come from a growing, profitable firm.

Of the 5 winners, all of them had the following characteristics:

· They had high survey participation rates (between 77% - 82% employees completed the survey)

They had high engagement scores (3.80 - 3.96 out of 5)

They had positive staff growth (between 1% - 19% from 2010 to 2011)

They had solid profitability (between 10% - 31% of their revenue)

The winners were:

· Cobb Engineering Company ( – a transportation engineering, land developer, and surveyor headquartered in Oklahoma, City, OK.

· Pape-Dawson Engineers Inc. ( – an engineering and survey firm headquartered in San Antonio, TX.

· Raymond L. Goodson, Jr., Inc. ( – a structural and civil engineering firm headquartered in Dallas, TX.

· T. Baker Smith, Inc. ( – an environmental, geophysical, and marine engineer and surveyor headquartered in Houma, LA.

· Wallace Engineering Structural and Civil Consultants, Inc. ( – a structural and civil engineering firm headquartered in Tulsa, OK.

A group of qualified industry experts from PSMJ and EEG chose the winners based on the results of a 70-question employee survey that gauges, among other metrics: employee commitment, work culture, employee engagement in the promoting overall firm success, employee development, leadership, firm communication, and hiring practices, as well as several financial/staff growth firm statistics.

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