Monday, December 5, 2011

8 Quality Control Tips Every PM Should Know

No matter how well your projects are managed, some errors and omissions will occur. You must therefore have a way to identify and correct them before the design is released to clients, subcontractors, or the operating staff. This is the purpose of a quality control (QC) program. Before problems occur on your next project, implement these 8 tips to prevent as many QC issues as possible.

1. Encourage those actually doing the work, not just principals, to stamp or seal documents. Responsibility and initial quality rise with the signing of plans.

2. Adopt a formal checking system, instead of relying on the experience of individuals.

3. Build into a project’s schedule and budget the time and costs of review by individual(s) not involved with the initial design. A good rule of thumb is 3-5% for the cost of QC checks.

4. Have a final design review after all documents are prepared. Late changes can have a major impact upon quality. But, don’t let that be your only review.

5. Get people to job sites as a continual training process. This is especially important for designers and drafters working on details.

6. Make sure cost estimates are accurate. Develop in-house expertise, use an outside expert cost estimator when necessary and continually update and check the cost of items with suppliers and contractors.

7. Schedule post construction design reviews between site inspector and designer.

8. Don’t allow field decisions to be made under pressure. Here’s the rule: “No critical decisions in a vacuum by the PM”; bring your supervisor into the decision.

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