Thursday, September 22, 2011

PSMJ’s Webinar Membership: Online learning just got a little easier!

Get a year of webinars for one low price with PSMJ’s Webinar Membership Package!

At PSMJ Resources, we are committed to dramatically improving business performance of A/E/C organizations worldwide by empowering CEOs, Principals, Project Managers, Marketers, HR Directors and other top firm leaders to make strategic and tactical improvements that pay off with great speed in measurable ways. With our industry experience, and commitment to program and product excellence, we continuously strive to teach you new ideas and trends, as well as continuing to offer the proven concepts that have long endured in the architectural, engineering and construction industries.

One way to deliver these new ideas and trends is through our innovative, up-to-the-minute webinar presentations. Since we started our webinar program in 2009, we have instructed thousands on green design, mergers and acquisitions, public sector marketing, employee engagement, innovations in project management, and many other topics.

Now, we are pleased to offer you an opportunity to view one whole year of webinar learning for only a fraction of the cost of attending each one individually!

Purchasing an annual subscription allows you to view our live seminars every month, and catch up later on the ones you can’t see live! As a member, you will have unlimited access to view these webinars time and time again, and for each webinar you view, you will earn 1 valuable continuing education hour towards your recertification!

How the webinar membership works:

  1. You will be automatically registered for the webinars currently featured in our 2011-2012 webinar schedule.

  2. You will receive a reminder from our education department about your upcoming webinar, including a link to log into the webinar.

  3. After the webinar date, you can request a link to the presentation if you missed the live event, or you just want to see it again.

You will have full access to the webinars promoted from now until your membership expires in a year. Currently, we plan to host our webinars the 3rd Tuesday of every month (barring holidays or speaker conflicts) and have already booked the following webinar schedule:

October 18, 2011: Integrated Project Design

November: Why Most Business Plans Are a Total Waste of Time – and How to Do a Really Good Plan in Just 4 Hours

December: Strategic Pricing – Maximizing Profits, Not Just Winning Work

January: How to Keep Your Projects Under Budget Every Time

February: Getting the Most from Your Young Professionals

March: How to Find a Really Good Firm to Acquire

April: “IFBP” – The “Secret Sauce” That Will Dramatically Improve Your Proposal Hit Rate

May: 9 Ways to Speed Up Collections

June: Using the FAR and AASHTO Guide to Your Advantage

July: Managing Overhead for Long Term Growth

August: How to Successfully Tackle the Federal Market

September: How to Expand into Overseas Markets

* Titles and dates are subject to change due to speaker availability, hot trends, or holidays

Right now, if you were to purchase all of these webinars individually, it would cost you $249 per webinar ($149 for newsletter subscribers) or $2,988 total ($1,788 for subscribers)!

For only $695 (or $395 for newsletter subscribers), you can get all 12! Now, we think that is a great deal! Every webinar on the slate is one that will dramatically increase your profits, improve your strategic thinking, and make you a better leader. Even if you can only justify needing to see 3 of these webinars, this membership will STILL pay for itself!

Becoming a PSMJ Webinar Member is a no brainer! Sign up todayand enjoy your first webinar, Integrated Project Design on October 18, 2011.

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certificate iv in training and assessment said...

One advantage of online education is its cost. You can budget when to take courses so that if you are feeling cash-strapped one semester, you can always take a break and go back for more courses when your wallet says you can.

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