Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gulf Coast Rebuilding Fund and PSMJ Resources Celebrate the Opening of Community Hall on 6th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

New Community Hall Constructed Thanks In Part to Devoted Efforts of PSMJ’s own Frank Stasiowski and Donations Made by the Design and Construction Industry

On the 6th anniversary of the destruction caused in the Gulf Coast region by Hurricane Katrina, the Gulf Coast Rebuilding Fundis thrilled to celebrate the opening of a new community hall in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. This hall is the first large community structure rebuilt in Bay St. Louis, and is already being used to attract community gatherings and small conventions to the area.

In the aftermath of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005, Frank Stasiowski, FAIA, founder of PSMJ Resources, spearheaded an effort to bring the design and construction community together and raise funds to help rebuild a region that was on its knees. Named the Gulf Coast Rebuilding Fund, Inc., this charitable 501 (c) 3 organization was established by Stasiowski as a special initiative for the design and construction industry focused on the long-term rebuilding needs of the Gulf Coast communities hardest hit by the storm. Its mission was simple—to raise funds to be donated specifically for use in the planning, redesign, and permitting work necessary to assist those in need.

According to Stasiowski, Director of the Gulf Coast Rebuilding Fund, “We were honored to help this amazing community start to rebuild their lives. And the result is a beautiful, functioning Community Hall for the residents of Bay St. Louis to gather in. We’re forever gratefulto all the leaders in the design and construction industry who volunteered time and money to this cause. The Gulf Coast Rebuilding Fund has made a great difference here.”

Corky Hadden, the Coordinator for the Community Hall at Bay St. Louis acknowledges the important role the Gulf Coast Rebuilding Fund had in the planning and construction of the project. “Gulf Coast Rebuilding Fund was one of the first large contributors to this project, and really provided the seed money for us to have plans drawn up to show others what we were trying to do here. This led to bigger contributors to the project and really allowed it to happen.”

As a business advisor and resource for many top design firms around the world, PSMJ sought to unite many facets of the design and construction industry in this undertaking. Frank Stasiowskiand his wife, Joan, began the effort by appealing to leaders in the design and construction industry and by giving a personal donation of $10,000. Additionally, PSMJ employees were thrilled to get behind this cause and donate their own time and lead efforts for the PSMJ organization to contribute $25,000 to this initiative. The Gulf Coast Rebuilding Fund also called upon industry associations and the trade media by asking them to help spread the word to members and readers in this rebuilding effort.

Through the generous support of many individuals and firms representing the design and construction industry as well as the friends and family of PSMJ, this initiative became a reality. Donations collected through the Gulf Coast Rebuilding Fund not only went to the Bay St. Louis Community Hall but also to some of the other most devastated Gulf Coast communities as they continue to demonstrate the strength and unwavering purpose to rebuild what was lost.

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