Monday, February 7, 2011

Stop Delegating!

Delegating is quickly becoming one of those overused management buzz words that PMs are tired of hearing. Why? For too long, principals have “dumped” on PMs in the name of delegation. PMs end up doing all the things that the principals don’t like to do. And, don’t stop there. Ask those under the PMs about how they feel about delegation. Same answer. And, why? They, too, are tired of just doing the things the PMs don’t like to do.

So, stop delegating, and start leveraging. Okay, it may mean the same thing, but it sure sounds a lot better!

Leveraging yourself has a synergistic effect. You can begin to accomplish more than singularly is possible. So, where should you begin?

Start by understanding there is a difference between transactional activities and transformational activities. Management is transactional. It involves those important day-to-day activities. Leadership is transformational. It’s trying to create a different outcome, a new possibility. As a PM, you are responsible for both. However, PMs get so caught up in the transactional that they don’t spend enough time on the transformational. PMs need to get transactional activities off their plate.

Example transactional activities include:

  • Project set-up
  • Building and updating a schedule
  • Tracking project costs
  • Reviewing who is charging to their job
  • Putting together meeting minutes, action items, and progress reports
  • Getting invoices out the door
  • Keeping project files in order
  • Project close-out and archiving files

PMs need to leverage themselves out and get the transactional activities completed by someone else whom they oversee. Then, PMs can spend more time on transformational activities.

Example transformational activities include:

  • Managing the client
  • Managing change
  • Mentoring staff
  • Managing risk
  • Giving technical direction
  • Building client relationships

As PMs begin to spend adequate time on the transformational, they will quickly see client relationships begin to flourish, the quality of their deliverables improve, and projects becoming more profitable.

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