Monday, January 24, 2011

Three Ways to Follow-up on a Client Satisfaction Survey

If you’ve recently conducted a Client Satisfaction Survey, you understand knowing what your clients and/or potential clients think of your firm is essential to developing strong relationships, client services strategies, and effective project management and marketing skills. But after they tell you what they think, what’s the next step?

After you receive a client satisfaction survey, use a combination of in-person, written, and telephone contact with the client. For example:

1. Have the lead partner on the most recent assignment call the client or set up a meeting to discuss his or her responses to the survey.

2. If you spot a trend in the responses, offer a seminar on the topic and invite those clients, plus any others you may have identified that would be interested in the subject.

3. At the least, send a thank you letter, signed by a principal or partner the client knows.

Finally, it pays to double-up on your follow-up. Contact the clients again, to get their response to the action you took. It may lead to an opportunity to present additional services.

If you haven’t done a Client Satisfaction Survey in a while, it is imperative that you conduct one as soon as possible so that you don’t waste precious resources chasing clients you shouldn’t and risk losing clients you should hold on to. But where do you start?

If you are looking for a client satisfaction survey that will save you time and money, we can help.

PSMJ, in partnership with DesignFacilitator, has developed a cost-effective survey program to measure client perception and satisfaction that yields rich, highly useful information for the success of your firm. In conjunction with this survey program, we introduced the PSMJ Premier Award for Client Satisfaction, the A/E/C industry's first client-focused accolade. This award honors firms that consistently provide their clients with top quality communications, impressive performance, and high-value solutions.

By entering this award program, you will get independent, confidential feedback from up to 40 of your most important clients. Additionally, if you win, you will have the advantage of marketing your firm as award-winning in client satisfaction. At only $595, this is a great opportunity to jump-start a client feedback initiative and prove the importance this information has for your firm. Click here to enter or email Kristen Norweg at knorweg@psmj for more details.

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