Monday, November 29, 2010

Stop Neglecting Your Staff

Most design firms have sophisticated job cost and financial reporting capabilities, as well as manpower planning and scheduling systems. Today’s firm is fully automated. However, team members complain that project managers are simply too busy to give them the time of day.

Don’t let your high-tech management systems replace personal contact with team members. A PM in the Southeast uses the “High Tough” management system. The approach is simple:

• Every day, the PM schedules an hour, usually the first hour of the day, to have an “open door.” Any team member can see the PM without appointment, and know that the PM has a full hour blocked out for the team’s individual issues.

• There are two team meetings each week. The first is the “formal” team meeting, in which the project is discussed objectively. The second is an informal “bull-session” in which the team discusses more subjective aspects of the project and team dynamics.

• The PM takes a team member to breakfast or lunch each week. In this rotating manner, the PM gives each team member a chance for some “one-on-one” time to discuss whatever is on his or her mind.

These three techniques really work, so put them into action today! To learn more tips and techniques you can use to become a better and more successful project manager, come to one of PSMJ’s upcoming Project Management Bootcamps!

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