Friday, February 20, 2009

AIA releases pro bono guidelines for members...huh?

We found the AIA's e-mail this week touting its just-released AIA Pro Bono Guidelines for AIA Membes and Firms interesting, to say the least. And we weren't alone. Take it from PSMJ Founder and CEO Frank Stasiowski, who said, "Great architects should work for FREE...unbelievable."

The AIA does acknowledge that during tough economic times, not-for-profit groups are stretched beyond their capacity and that architects and design professionals can help solve issues facing communities. And the AIA's marketing copy for the Guidelines claim that pro bono work offers public awareness and prestige, as well as marketing that money can't buy.

But it's a bit of a logic leap to suggest that firms struggling to keep the lights on and keep their people busy, or employed at all, should work for free. Good idea, bad time for it.


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