Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Convention bad for business?

Interesting article in today's Denver Post about how this week's Democratic National Convention is negatively impacting businesses near the Pepsi Center that is host to the event.

Many businesses have either shut down or significantly scaled back operations this week. Among them is Staller & Henry Inc., a landscape architecture firm. "Our phones are ringing about 10 percent of what they normally do," said Adam Anderson, who works for the firm.

Another firm having problems is eBlueprint, which prints and manages reprographics for architecture firms and is located within the blockaded perimeter surrounding the Pepsi Center. According to the article, company drivers and couriers are having trouble getting in and out to make blueprint deliveries. A second eBlueprint office in Aurora has not been affected, which is keeping the company afloat this week. "If it wasn't for our other store, we would have nothing," said an employee.

Interesting to see the downside of what appears on television to be a celebration of Barack Obama's nomination as the Democratic candidate for president.


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Anonymous said...

Thats something you'll never see on CNN or MSNBC or any of the network news shows. They'll never tell you that Obama is having a negative impact on the already slow economy. I can guarantee you however, that a similar story will certainly be mentioned next week during the republican convention.

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