Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What makes you happy?

According to the Christian Science Monitor's Marilyn Gardner, these eight factors that influence "happiness" at work--factors that motivate workers and keep them at your organization:

1. Appreciation
2. Respect
3. Trust
4. Individual growth
5. Good boss
6. Compatible co-workers
7. Compatible culture
8. A sense of purpose

Notice anything missing? Where are money and benefits? While management often equates salary and benefits with happiness, employees will often tell you that things like appreciation and respect, trust and the opportunity for individual growth, mean much more to them.

For the employees reading this, what motivates you? What makes you happy?

For the owners and managers reading this, what do you think motivates your employees? When was the last time you asked them? And did you listen to what they said?

You hired your employees for their proficiency and ability to get the job done, but it is those "soft" skills that make the difference between a productive and a dysfunctional work environment. You made an investment in your employee when you hired them, don't blow it by ignoring them.


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