Thursday, March 27, 2014

Profile of a Platinum Circle of Excellence Firm

Interview with Crystal Donner, CEO and President, Perteet
In 2013, Perteet was also awarded a Platinum Circle of Excellence Award.  PSMJ would like to congratulate Perteet on this great achievement!

PSMJ recently had the pleasure of chatting with Perteet CEO and President, Crystal Donner, to discuss her firm’s amazing success.

To what do you attribute your continued success as Platinum Circle of Excellence firm?
That’s an easy question. It really is about the people that we hire—empowering them to be advocates for their clients, but mostly trying to find people that are dedicated to public infrastructure projects and making the community better.  That’s really important for us.

What would you say that your firm does differently?
We are a 100% ESOP company—something that I’ve been hearing more and more about—and it’s been really important as we’ve moved through some difficult times to have people who view themselves as employee-owners, so it’s not a top-down firm, it really is bottom-up, everyone contributes to success, everyone brings ideas forward. I really think that is one of our keys is that we have a whole workforce that act and do work as owners themselves.

How would you describe your company culture?
We are about 65 people right now, very family-focused, not in a matriarchal way, but really in a commitment to one another, do the best for yourself and for your colleague, and we really treat our clients that way, too—we bring them into the fold, so I think that’s something that makes us different.

Can you speak a little more about your client service?
All of our projects that we deliver are really about building community and public infrastructure projects. The rewards, in addition to solving problem and working for firms, is really about making improvements in our community, so we have really community-focused employees, so I think that really sets us apart and attracts clients to us as well.

Perteet is a 100% employee-owned engineering, construction management, and surveying company based out of Everett, Washington. Among its goals are to making their community a better place to live and grow; use leadership and solutions to enhance and improve the quality of life in the communities they serve; and offer services that add to the betterment of the physical community.

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