Friday, July 18, 2008

Seven tips to raise productivity

Yesterday's issue of the HR Daily Advisor offered these seven tips for increasing expectations...and productivity...of your team members:

1. Provide increasingly challenging assignments for your team members. (Make sure employees succeed at each level before moving forward.)

2. Enable each team member to participate in potentially successful projects that bring continuous improvement to the workplace.

3. Provide one-on-one coaching for your team members. (This coaching should emphasize improving what the employee does well rather than focusing on weaknesses.)

4. Provide developmental opportunities that reflect what the employee is interested in learning about.

5. Assign successful senior employees to play a developmental mentoring role with team members.

6. Hold frequent, positive verbal interactions with team members, and communicate consistently your firm belief in each employee's ability to perform the job. Keep feedback positive and developmental where possible.

7. Make sure team members receive consistent messages from other supervisory personnel. How you speak about employees to others powerfully molds their opinions.

Click here to read the entire article, which includes other tips for creating team success at the supervisory level. Is anything missing? Is anything included that shouldn't be?

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