Monday, July 21, 2008

Interactive M&A tool available

Anyone interested in pursuing an M&A deal, or knowing more about where the hot spots are for M&A deals, might want to check out a new tool from Morrissey Goodale LLC. The Boston-area management consulting and research firm has created an interactive map of A/E merger and acquisition activity.

The map displays the number of buyers and sellers in 2007 by state and region. According to Morrissey Goodale, there were 262 deals in the industry in 2007. That volume represents an all-time high, about 30% ahead of 2006, according to the firm. The map reveals a high number of deals in California, Texas, and Florida--all states experiencing the greatest increases in population.

For more information about the state of the M&A deal, check out the August issue of PSMJ.


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