Friday, June 27, 2008

When should a board member resign?

Interesting column posted this morning in E-Commerce Times about when company board members should resign their post...and when they should stick it out.

Columnist Theodore F. di Stefano posits that board members should only resign when there are no other options, calling it a "last resort." He writes that when a company's financials head south, that's when board members need to dig in their heels and work with management to try to turn things around. But if company management resists working with the board, that's a good time to think about leaving.

For those of you who sit on the board of directors of your A/E firm or perhaps a community non-profit organization, remember that when times are tough, that's when your expertise and perspective are needed the most. Stick it out and you (and your firm) will reap the benefits of the experience!


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