Monday, June 16, 2008

How I spent my summer vacation

For many CEOs, the upcoming July 4 holiday usually means a week or two away from the office.

Some firms close for the week while other firm leaders use the summer doldrums to catch up on tasks that have slipped under the radar, whether that's reading industry newsletters (like Professional Services Management Journal), writing thank-you notes to friends, or opening the mail that stacks up in your inbox.

But if you choose to be out of the office and take that much-deserved summer vacation, chances are you also choose to bring your cell phone, BlackBerry, and maybe even your laptop, regardless of the impact it will have on your family. After all, the work never goes away, even if you do, right?

That said, try to limit your cell phone and BlackBerry time to an hour or so a day, preferably when your spouse and children are eating, showering, or sleeping. A proper work/life balance can go a long way toward making you a happy, healthy, and productive CEO.

How are you spending your summer vacation? How much time are you taking off? And what are you bringing with you in terms of cell phone, BlackBerry, etc.? Drop me a line and let me know!


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