Monday, June 23, 2008

Finding fish in the hiring pool

We've talked recently about A/E firms letting qualified staff go, so it was a bit surprising to pick up this week's Boston Business Journal and read a story titled, "Pool of engineers stretched thin in Boston and beyond." The story talks about the high demand in the Boston area for electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and design engineers, mentioning Walker Parking Consultants' search for talent in its Boston office. The parking consulting and design firm has hired two engineers this year and is looking for two more. The story talks about how the firm uses its internship program to cover staffing shortfalls. The article also reveals that the firm uses local engineering societies and recruiters to find more experienced engineers.

The Boston area may not be alone in its high demand for engineers. This article in the Charlotte Business Journal talks about how many of this year's graduates of UNC Charlotte's Colleges of Architecture and Engineering had jobs lined up by the time they were juniors. In fact, according to the article, enrollment at UNC Charlotte's engineering school has grown 7% to 10% annually for the last 10 years. Charlotte architecture firm Little has seen salaries for new grads and interns rise 5% to 6% from last year. And HDR Engineering Inc. said that salaries for new graduates are rising faster than those of staffers with three or four years' experience.

If you are seeing high demand for a shortage of talent, let us know.


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