Monday, June 13, 2011

Advice You Need to Give Millennial Project Managers

As firms look for the best and brightest leadership, many energetic Millennials are picked as managers. Not surprisingly, age differences can cause real relationship barriers and disrupt team dynamics on a project.

Here is some advice firm leaders should share with their Millennial project managers:

1. Remember that you are young and inexperienced. Don’t be insulted if some of your direct reports are aware of that, too. Prove yourself without showing off.

2. Get to know each person on your team. Learn what you have to learn from each person. Figure out where each person on the team is coming from and where each one is going.

3. Build an ongoing dialogue with each team member. Talk to every person one-on-one at least once a week, and talk about the work. Gradually discover what you need to talk about (and how you need to talk) with each team member, and develop a good system for keeping notes in a running log.

4. Don’t shoot down ideas. Instead, when presented with new ideas, ask for a written proposal with pros and cons, a schedule of goals and deadlines, resource needs, etc.

5. Find at least one wise sage on your team, someone who can tell you the inside scoop, where the resources are, pitfalls, shortcuts, politics, and context.

6. Get results. If your team succeeds, you will gain power and status and rewards for yourself and your team. Then they’ll love you, no matter how young you are.

Although the Millenial work ethic may be difficult to understand at times, they can truly become the most trusted and valued members of your firm…once you understand what makes this generation of young architects and engineers tick. Discover tools and tips to attract, retain, and empower the very best of this generation with PSMJ’s upcoming webinar Winning With Millenials. Find out how to tap into your Millennial’s real potential and reap the benefits today!

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