Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Three Proven Ideas for Reassuring the Client

Winning the job does not mean the marketing of the firm and the team is over. In fact, the moment of highest anxiety for the client is right after they have hired you for the job. "Did we make the right choice? Will they deliver what they promised, or what we thought they promised? Will we be able to get along with these people for the next two years?

As a Principal, you need to be sure your project teams keep the following in mind:

1. Clients always chose us for reasons other than what we think. Debrief to find out what promises were actually bought.

2. Communicate the results of the debriefing to the entire team at the project kick-off meeting.

3. Understanding the project goals is not enough. Be sure you understand how the client will evaluate your performance.

Right from the start, as a Principal, you need to give the client reassurances that they will be able to work compatibly with you during the process of delivery. Do this, and the project is sure to start off on the right path to success!

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