Friday, September 18, 2009

A good client and staff recruiting tactic

Earlier this year, the Boston University Mens' Ice Hockey team won the NCAA National Championship. Their long-time coach Jack Parker originally planned to raise his team's championship banner during one of the first home games of the season vs. Notre Dame. Recently Coach Parker changed his mind and opted to raise his banner during a scrimmage game against the US Under-18 Development team.

Why would he do that? The game will be sparsely attended by alumni and fans and the event will likely pass without much media fanfare. Here's why it's a brilliant move:

Many of the players on the US Under-18 Devlopment team are blue-chip college prospects and have not committed to college yet. What better way to showcase the program than to make these players a part of recognizing the achievement of the sport's ultimate goal? What will these players be thinking as they watch BU's championship banner being raised to the home rink's rafters? Do they see themselves on the other bench wondering what it feels like to be a champion?

What's the lesson for A/Es? Start making your successes into targeted recruiting tools. PR is great, placing articles and getting media coverage is important, but you need to look at every excellent thing you do as a direct opportunity to show prospective clients and employees that you are the best. For example, when you win a Design Award, have the celebration at a college where you can recruit top graduates. When you open a new building project, recognize it at a meeting of your clients' affiliated organizations. These are the people that need to see your success and more importantly, envision themselves as an integral part of the next one.

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